​​​​As a young child I was always fascinated with​ shiny objects, my mom use to tell me that as soon as something shiny came across my path she could see a sparkle in my eyes that lit my entire face, I lost her many years ago but every crystal I apply to each accessory brings her to mind and brings a smile to my face.  It was inevitable that designing and making my own Crystal Accessories would eventually become my passion.

The dream really started 10 years ago, while out shopping with one of my life time girlfriends we were stopped a number of times while grocery shopping to be asked "wherever did you get your flip flops".  My girlfriend looked at me and said "it's time, go home and print up some business cards, what are you waiting for?"  That one statement changed my life.

A short time later I retired, gave up my life long career as an Executive Assistant, something I had been doing for over 25 years and started doing the occasional weekend market and it has only grown from there.  For a period of time  I carried many of the Loving The Bling Accessories in local gift shops but it just didn't feel right, I knew shops had overhead costs but I wanted "everyone" to be able to afford my beautiful accessories so I pulled everything out of the various gift shops and priced all my accessories at "wholesale pricing" and started doing local markets trade shows and festivals so everyone could afford to have some sparkle in their life.

Page 5 on my website has a current list of upcoming markets/tradeshows that I will be participating in so you can find me on weekends.


Thank you to all the customers who continue to support me in my dream, without you there would be no  

Loving The Bling

Loving The Bling


Authentic Czech Preciosa Maxima Crystal or Swarovski Crystal Flip Flops, Accessories (including dog

accessories) and So Much More.....................

Any questions, please feel free to contact me via text at 604-671-9511.  My cell phone is set up for only contacts on my cell phone to ring through so the best chance of reaching me is via texting PLEASE DO NOT CALL,

or you can also follow me on Instagram for market updates:  @lovingthebling21

Fabulous Preciosa Maxima Crystal Flip Flops and Accessories Embellished With Authentic Maxima Crystals

How It All Began

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