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The original All In One Loving The Bling Dog Walking Bag has 3 zippered compartments doodoobags with grommet, treat compartment and at the top another compartment for your cell phone.  Above each zippered compartment is also a pouch for extra items you may want to bring along i.e. kleenex pack. 

Not only are there 3 zippered compartments but there is also a carabiner on the side so you can attach your keys and being a crossbody bag you are hands free making walking your dog so much easier.  Available in colorful dog wording or colorful paw print fabric

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    Crossbody Bags $25 (3 zippered compartments 1 on the front, 1 on the top & 1 on the back)


Loving The Bling

Fabulous Authentic Austrian Swarovski Crystal

Flip Flops, Accessories and So Much More.....................

   Dog Walking Crossbody Bags  $25 (adorned with Swarovski Crystals)

            Dog Coats with Crystals Accents (water resistant)$20